Backyard Bocce is the original manufacturer of portable Bocce courts. We are a supplier of courts to Bocce enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, including: families, clubs and leagues, schools, park and recreation departments, senior centers and retirement facilities, campgrounds and RV parks, children's camps, restaurants and resorts, corporations, and organizations serving persons with disabilities. 

Our mission is to promote the international sport of Bocce around the world by bringing it to everyone's "backyard" through portable Bocce courts. The courts are a cost effective alternative to professionally landscaped courts that can cost several thousand dollars to build and are a more practical solution than makeshift courts made of heavy wood or PVC or crudely constructed court boundaries made of rope, string, chalk, or paint. A court consists of a bocce boundary made of a heavy duty white vinyl that provides the layout of a court and can be setup on grass, dirt, clay, or sand surfaces, with grass being the ideal surface. Courts are lightweight, portable, and designed for easy set-up and take down.

We hope you enjoy our products. Since we are committed to promoting Bocce and enhancing your enjoyment of the game, please provide us with any feedback you may have that would help us improve our products.