Backyard Bocce Boundary Court and Tournament Bocce Ball Set

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This combination set comes complete with everything you need for a relaxing or competitive game of bocce ball. This set is ideal for backyard, picnics, barbecues, parties, camping, church festivals, corporate events, and bocce tournaments. It includes a portable bocce boundary court that is made of heavy duty 2 inch width vinyl material and measures 60 feet x 12 feet. The system is pre-measured and pre-connected for easy set up and take down. The set also includes a tournament grade bocce ball set that is manufactured to International Bocce specifications. Comes with eight phenolic resin 107 mm balls that are striped for 2 to 4 player competition, 1 phenolic resin 57 mm pallino, and a heavy duty nylon carrying bag. Made by Backyard Bocce. Includes the following components: 
  • Six steel 2 1/2 inch o-rings stitched into vinyl at corners and mid court
  • Four 4 inch colored vinyl markers (2 red and 2 blue) stitched into vinyl to mark foul lines
  • Six vinyl 4 inch x 5 inch colored flags (2 red, 2 blue, and 2 white) with 18 inch fiberglass staffs to mark corners and mid court
  • Four 5 inch steel grass stakes with 2 foot bungee cord and s-hooks attached for securing corners of boundary system
  • One heavy duty hand winder for easy set-up, take down, and storage of the vinyl boundary system
  • One heavy duty nylon duffle bag with Backyard Bocce logo and draw string for storage of all boundary court components 
  • Eight phenolic resin 107 mm balls (4 red and 4 blue) that are striped for 2 to 4 player competition
  • One heavy duty nylon carrying bag with Backyard Bocce logo for convenient storage
  • One phenolic resin 57 mm pallino with Backyard Bocce logo