Backyard Bocce Bead String Distance Marker

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This bocce bead string distance marker is a more practical and cost effective alternative to more expensive measuring devices on the market. It is simple in design but yet very effective in determining the distance of bocce balls relative to the pallino. This handy distance marker fits compactly into ones pocket and can be pulled out quickly for relatively accurate measurements. Marker is made of durable nylon cord 4 feet in length and includes two colored (blue and red) 21 mm beads. To use, simply extend one bead with one hand until it touches the pallino and the other bead with your other hand until it touches the bocce ball believed to be the closest to the pallino. Keeping the beads in place with your fingers of each hand, swing in an arc up to 360 degrees to determine if any other bocce balls are closer to the pallino than the bocce ball believed to be the closest. There are no calibrations on the marker as it is not necessary to know the actual distance of a bocce ball from the pallino. It is only necessary to know which bocce ball is closest to the pallino. Made by Backyard Bocce.